Lenten Sermon Series

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New Lenten Message Series Begins March 5 and Concludes Easter Sunday

“What a friend we have in time. Brings us children, makes us wine. Tells us what to take and leave behind.”  

So goes the lyric of a popular song of several years ago. The trouble is we don’t always listen to the voice of time or more importantly, the voice of God. Because of that, we tend to drag a lot with us into our days and years instead of leaving it behind. As the years increase, so does the weight of that we drag along.

March 5 is the first Sunday in Lent when my new message series called “Leave it” begins  When Jesus called people to follow him, in most every case, there was an implied call to leave something behind. The fishermen left their boats, the taxman his tables, the follower his home. I believe these “leavings” point to something deeper than work or family. Jesus calls us to leave behind the things that will not serve us well in living the abundant life He has in mind.

For six Sundays, we will examine the gospels to learn what and how to leave behind those things that stifle an abundant life with God. As we follow Jesus and are inclined to pick up again that attitude, thought or behavior we have carried for so long, Jesus will say to us; “Leave it. You don’t need it. It does you more harm than good.” In the season of Lent, people often decide to “give up something for Lent”. Usually after Lent, they go back to whatever it is. But Jesus is interested in us doing something deeper than giving up chocolate or donuts. He wants to help us be free.