Meets Weekly at CCC

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Every Wednesday at CCC  │ 6:30-8:00pm

Have you experienced family dysfunctions in your life which disrupt your experience of living a life of freedom?  Personal traits for us may include but not limited to:

Being afraid of authority figures or isolated.

- Stuffing feelings and possibly losing the ability to express feelings.
- Being unable to, or feeling guilty when speaking up for yourself.
- Having an overdeveloped sense of responsibility-being more concerned with others than yourself.
- Being approval seekers and judging ourselves too harshly.
- Loving people we pity and feel we can rescue.
- Being a dependent personality who fears abandonment and willing to hold on to bad relationships.
- Exhibiting compulsive behaviors such as workaholic, gambling, drinking, sexual addictions, drugs.

Meet with us in a safe environment to learn and find freedom from the residual effects of family alcoholism and other family dysfunctions.

Lead: Sam Bartlett.  For questions, phone or text Sam at: 714-943-0645