God’s Destination for Us in 2019

One Big 2019 Milestone


The mandate ahead of us is to see that our lives, relationships, & culture are saturated with Good News. For the year 2019, our church’s slogan will be “It’s Not About Us.” The idea of this slogan is that, by years-end, Christ Community Church will show more clear and tangible characteristics of a church on mission in our city, neighborhoods, and with those whom we live in close proximity. Every three months, at least 100 of us will commit to intentionally making 3 relationships. This should result in at least a doubling of our weekend gathering to about 240 people. 

The way we’ll measure our success in this mission is based on 4 Marks. We are currently going through a series of talks on these Marks. At the end of the year, we should be able to measure progress made in each of these marks regarding:

  1. the number of people CALLED to Christ and His mission.

  2. the number of people FOUNDED in 4 directions (see “Disciples’ Map” below)

  3. the number of people demonstrating that they’re FAITHFUL in 4 Environments (see also “Disciples’ Map” below)

  4. and, the number of disciples we have who PROPAGATED at least one disciple

To accomplish this big milestone, we will have 4 smaller milestones we’ll pursue:


We will activate and look for involvement from at least 60 people in a disciple-making map that will produce a strong disciple-making culture. How will this help us with our 2019 emphasis? 1. It will define what a disciple is and how we should go about making them. 2. It will help us become a church that both effectively reaches its community and cares for its members. The Disciples’ Compass our leaders are developing for CCC emphasizes the 4 Directions and 4 Environments into which Jesus leads his disciples. Below is the concept of a diagram we are developing to help us remember this Compass. We will be developing training around it this year, too.

4 Directions are based on the three Great Commandments (Mark 12:29-31; John 13:34-35) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20; Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:8) that Jesus gave his followers. They direct us to love upward toward God, outward to our neighbors, inward to one another, and onward to the ends of the earth.

4 Environments are the domains in which we see the outworking of these directions. Each disciple grows in their  upward, outward, inward, and onward love within their HOMES, with those in close PROXIMITY in their lives (co-workers, friends, neighbors, classmates, etc.), TOGETHER in the life of the church family, and to the ENDS OF THE EARTH by supporting, sending, or serving in missionary work of establishing churches both domestically and abroad.


Prosper Projects

Through His prophet, Jeremiah (Jer. 29:7-11), the Lord told his people that their welfare will be found as they seek the prosperity of the city where He has placed them. We believe this to be entirely true and relevant today. It is a concept that drives our 2019 emphasis of “It’s Not About Us.” As you may know, there are several things CCC does to seek the prosperity of our city, and we will be looking to pour fuel on the fire of those efforts. In addition to this, we hope to implement a few church-wide projects, called Prosper Projects, that will be aimed at 1. Garnering involvement of our neighbors with us in serving our city, 2. Meeting a tangible need or diminishing a real problem, and 3.  Making our city look more like the Kingdom of God.

Member Partnership

We will be more  clearly defining what a CCC member is, and what a CCC member does. Included in this will be the development of training and an orientation to CCC to not only welcome new members, but continuing to equip current members.

Campus Modifications

We will continue a 3-phase project to modify our campus to adequately support the pursuit of the vision as well as steward it more thoroughly to benefit from the resources it can produce.

How can you participate?

  1. Pray it! We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Please set aside regular time to pray intentionally for this vision - particularly in how God might lead you to participate.

  2. Learn it! - All classes and sermons at CCC this year will be aimed at equipping you to learn how to understand and live out this vision. Take a class and/or take notes during the sermons. Pay special attention to the end of our sermons when we give next steps. We encourage you to get together with a leader in our church to ask questions and develop an understanding around what this all means. It will take some time to develop understanding, so give yourself and the leaders a bit of grace as this unfolds. One of the best ways is to take the posture of a learner. What might God’s Spirit teach you through this?

  3. Actively Participate - The most tangible way you can participate is by becoming one of the 100 people who will make 3 new non Christian friends each quarter. The idea is that you would learn their name, try to come in contact with them more frequently, and pray intentionally for them. We’ll try our best to give you tools, stories, and ideas that will help equip you in this. If this is already a major strength of yours, God may be calling you to equip others. Please consider talking to one of our equipping team leaders (John, Rick, Cindy, Daniel) about this idea.

  4. Promote - You can promote what you’re learning and cast this vision in your groups, studies, service projects, and circles. Take every opportunity to invite others to participate. Invite friends to church, especially on our Friend Sunday, Easter, Fall Kick-off, and on Christmas Eve.

As this unfolds, my hope is that not only will our grow stronger, but we will all have a more clear and focused idea of the vision God has for us.


Pastor John Alwood

John has planted multiple churches over the years, is the CEO and co-founder of Gospel Ventures, as well as co-pastor at Christ Community Church in Buena Park. He is married and has two beautiful daughters. For fun, he enjoys sailing on his boat and working with his hands crafting woodwork.