Help Me Reach the Shore

You have to get out of the boat. That’s what happens when you reach the shore.

Do you ever wish you didn’t have to work so hard to accomplish your goals? Have you prayed God would fast track your hopes or dreams?

Jesus can help you finish. That wouldn’t be difficult for him at all. In John chapter six when Jesus walks on water then gets in the boat, he and the disciples immediately get where they were going. That sounds amazing! I’m not sure how far out they were, but it had to be some distance because they were crossing a large body of water. What if Jesus did that for us today?

The other day I was praying about something I wanted to complete and I recalled this story in the book of John. Then I got an idea. Hey, maybe I can pray for God to help me instantly reach the shore. That would be awesome! But then a realization struck. If Jesus helps me reach the shore in an instant, I will have to get out of the boat. Which means… what? What’s next? Would reaching my goals in an instant satisfy me? What if I wasn’t ready for what happened when I stepped onto land?

There has to be a reason things take so long. When reaching our goals seems to take forever, this is where God can work on us. If we didn’t have to fight and struggle and sweat then would we ever stop to ask for help and draw close to our savior? Besides that, what happens once we reach a goal? You guessed it. There’s always something else to accomplish. Our lives are an endless series of goals, accomplishments, and new dreams.

Let’s look back at the story in John. Once the disciples reached the shore and got out of the boat, what happened? Did they dance beneath a rainbow with glad hearts? No. People who didn’t understand what Jesus meant when he said he was the bread of life confronted them. Just because they reached the shore things didn’t instantly get simple.

Maybe instead of praying God would fast track our hopes and dreams, we could pray God would meet us where we’re at. He will surely stay by our side no matter what we’re going through. And maybe when things take longer than we want God is working on something we didn’t even realize was important.

Whatever it is we’d like to accomplish, we would do best to rest in Jesus, be content to have him at our side no matter how long things take. We’ll eventually reach the shore with our savior close beside!


Carol Alwood

Carol Alwood is married to one of the pastors (John Alwood) at CCC. She is also a teacher, mom and writer. She loves kindergarten, reading and writing fiction, sailing, and walking. She dreams of publishing the young adult Christian fiction she has been working on for so long. You can check out her author website and blog about writing at