When my daughter was a year old she learned a lesson that was hard for me to "let" her learn.


We were at a “Prayer and Praise” event and my daughter was lovin’ the tunes cranked out by Uncle Gordon.  She danced and danced, and all the while she kept looking at the pretty candles on edge of the stage.  In her mesmerized state of worship she kept drawing closer to the flames. 


I was watching her, but was giving her a “long leash.”  Other worshippers were standing ready to rescue her whenever she got closer to the flickering tongues of light.  I finally took her in my arms and approached the candles with her to take a closer look. 


She immediately wanted to reach out and touch the flames. I said, “No…it’s hot.” She smiled and said, “Hot,’’ thinking, that’s a fun word to say, and proceeded to reach out again to touch what was hot.   I rescued her hand from the sizzle and said, “No…it’s hot…ouch.”  She giggled and had this look in her eye that said either, whatever I’m doing causes Daddy to say these funny words OR I know exactly what he’s saying but I’m going to do it anyway.  At that point I knew that I would have to allow my precious daughter to learn in a different way. 


The next moment she reached out her hand to touch the flame. I said again, “It’s hot…ouch.”  As her finger tickled the flame she pulled back quickly, having felt what I was talking about.  It was no longer just words, but an experience – pain – directly associated with the words.  She learned fast what “hot” and “ouch” meant. 


I took her little finger and gave it a kiss, assuring her that even when she decided to learn things the hard way I would be there to kiss the “boo boos.” 


We serve a loving Father in heaven who has given us his words and Holy Spirit, whispering to us “hot…ouch” when we’re heading the hard way. Sometimes we need to feel what our Father’s words are saying to us before we can trust that they are true. Sometimes this causes us pain. But through the pain we grow, we understand and we become more assured of His love.He takes our hearts or whatever part that is experiencing “the ouch” and kisses it tenderly, making our “boo boos” all better. His ultimate goal is to make you holy and whole like him. Praise His Name!

Pastor Daniel Teerman

Daniel has been in the ministry for over 26 years, during which he has served as a: Missionary, Educator and Pastor/Church Planter.  He is currently a Co-Lead Pastor, along with his friends: Johnny and Ricky, at Christ Community Church in Buena Park, California. Daniel has a passion for encouraging people in their relationship with Jesus by presenting the Word in its cultural context, while bringing fresh insight that is relevant to our lives.

He is the author of: Discipleship Coaching Journal; and, Where Do I Begin? Daniel has been married 27 years to his best friend and ministry partner, Sherry. Their primary ministry is to their 4 children.

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