Making friends and loving our neighbors.



Crowded Houses meet regularly in neighborhoods. They are an expanding network of people organized around gospel-intentionality in the neighborhood, for the neighborhood, of the neighborhood, & with the neighborhood.


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When you get involved with a Crowded House there are a few things each Crowded House focuses on. Many of these practices were evident in the life of the early church over 2000 years ago, and the reason so many people were attracted to the life of the Christ followers:

1. Making friends. One thing the early church valued was frequently and regularly meeting together with friends. When they got together, it seemed like they were winsome people, not an obscure and closed off group. They had an enormous  desire to see their numbers increase… and they did this through friendship, regular interaction with one another, invitation, discussion, meals, and geneosity toward one another. As a result, the early church gained a great reputation, and many lives were impacted.

2. Eating good food together. Believe it or not, this is a spiritual disipline that has been a part of the church for 2000 years. Jesus loved to eat with neighbors so much that he gained the reputation of being what we might refer to as a “party animal.” We love continuing this great tradition today.

3. Making an impact. When scripture describes the early church, it says that “no one was in need.” Needs were being met. People were being healed. Lives were being changed. Why? Because of the radical generosity of the Christians. Crowded Houses are gatherings of people in your neighborhood that exist for the good of the neighborhood. We will engage in projects as needs arise, seek to address community issues/problems, and learn to celebrate the people and community closest to where we live.



Crowded Houses meet at various locations around our city. Check the specific group page for times and locations.


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