Next Steps

You’ve visited, now what?


Want To Get Connected On A Deeper Level?



We pursue three basic steps to helping you get connected at a deeper level. Our desire is to help you grow spiritually through a custom-designed pathway.


Step 1 • Get to Know You

we want to make sure we have you current contact info so that we can let you know about the “happenings” at CCC and how to get connected

Step 2• Welcome Home Lunch

Every 6-8 weeks there is a lunch at the Pastor’s home with other people from the congregation. In this casual environment you’ll meet some other people like you, and understand more about the ministry of CCC and how you can partner with us.

Step 3 • Foundation Class

You are invited to join a 3 week class where we discuss basic theology, discipleship, milestones in our faith walk, and how to partner in ministry. The class meets at 9am for a 3 week duration. The class repeats every 6-8 weeks.