Plan Your Visit

New to CCC? We'd love to help you take your first step.


What to expect...

Increasing diversity - CCC is a church in the process of change. It was originally founded decades ago as a church for the community. That wonderful legacy continues on as we are growing and looking more and more like our diverse community. 

Friendly people - One of our main goals for Sunday is to help new visitors feel at home. We aim to help you feel a part of this family at CCC.

No dress code - If you love wearing shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt, that’s fine. If you feel the need to wear a suit, wonderful. If you’re into velour track suits, those work, too. Come as you are.


What's Available for Kids?


We have a great cry room that is a part of our worship center. A full glass wall separates the room from the worship center and high quality sound is integrated so parents don’t miss a thing as they care for the youngest additions to the church. 

Pre-5 Kids

Are welcome to check in before the service at a clearly marked booth on the entrance patio. All children are invited into worship with everyone. Those who are attending their age-specific activities will be excused after the first few songs. Immediately following the service, parents can pick up their children in their classes. CCC takes all kinds of measures to ensure a safe, exciting, and biblically-centered environment for kids. 


What is the Service Like?

Equipping - We typically give around a 20-minute message that is aimed at equipping you to know God more fully and live the life he intended for you. We typically take a short portion of the Bible, and walk through it to gain understanding. We emphasize hope and Good News, not condemnation or “just be good enough.” We highlight God’s incredible work in our lives.

Starts and ends on time - We start our services at 10:00a sharp and usually end around 11-11:15. That gives you enough time to sleep in a bit, and only need to DVR the first hour of East Coast NFL games!

One hour - Our services usually last about an hour, but you are encouraged to arrive early and stay late to hang out and meet new friends.

Epic patio - We are currently enhancing our front patio for fun activities, out-door lounging, great coffee, breakfast goodies, and we have even been talking about a giant fire pit. It is a great place to hang out before and after the service.