3 purposes for Prosper Projects

Jer. 29:7-11


1. Serve the neighborhood in a tangible way. Ask: How does this  make God’s kingdom come in our neighborhood?

2. Recruit people to God’s work, possibly before they even know God.

3. Build meaningful friendships that could progress into discipling relationships.


Questions to ask when planning: 

1. What are the unique needs and opportunities where we could serve our neighborhood?

2. What are the assets in my neighborhood that could be utilized or with whom I could partner?

3. Where is there overlap in these two questions?

4. Can I involve the entire neighborhood in this project as a way to engage them and build relationships?

5. Will it really redeem some brokenness, or is it just a “band-aid?”

We also need a way to promo upcoming projects, trainings, etc., around this.



This ministry meets at this time and at this place, in order to do these things.


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